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My Story

My name is Giuseppe “Pino” De Francesco, and I was born in Casagiove (Italy) on the 17 of November 1959. I have always been a freethinker since I learnt how to put together a thought, always second-guessing everybody, starting with myself.

My motto is that the only offensive “F” word is “Faith”: I believe that nothing shall ever be accepted by faith, everything shall always be hard-proven and double checked. There are minimal exceptions to this rule, and you will learn those by familiarising yourself with my work.

I currently live in Ireland with my wife Marinella and our youngest daughter, Himeko.

I am a Solutions Architect by trade, and a philosopher by nature. I run a game studio with my family, DFT Games, writing games as a side business.


I’ve spent most of my life doing two things: working in software and being socially active in civil and human rights fights.

Years in Software

Years as Civil Rights Activist

Years in gaming

Years as Human Rights Activist


Don’t let anybody tell you what to think.