I have spent my whole life since I was 13 (I’m 57 while I’m writing this) as a front-line Human Rights activist. I fought the good fight when women were treated like objects in western countries like Italy, France, USA, and it was a hard fight. Same applies to anti-racist fights when the majority of the people still thought that black people could only do manual work.

Back then it was hard, but in my view, those battles in western countries have been won. Today’s society stigmatises racism and sexual discrimination, so I feel really good about that! My focus is now helping on these very same causes in those countries that still have these issues, mostly in Africa and the middle east. However, what I see in western countries is not really to my liking, so I feel necessary to say something about this.

It seems that now there is an odd phenomenon going on: as women and racial groups are no longer oppressed, they have now so-called leaders that promote real racial and gender hate groups, keeping alive a partition that is no longer there, leveraging the social stigma around non-discrimination to be able to spread their lies.

They are reversing the phenomenon, organising groups like “Women in Games”, “Latinos in Technology” and so on. The same way we see black people adopting a strong racially biased language, stressing “being black” like it would somehow matter to any intelligent person…

Are there racist idiots out there? Sure! Are there “pussy-grabbing” males? Sure, there are, but they are stigmatised, they are seen as old idiots, so let’s not empower them by keeping alive groups that are now meaningless.

Why should I even care if a colleague is a Woman, Latino, or Black? What does that mean today? Nothing at all if you ask any intelligent person. A good developer is a good developer; I can’t care less about gender, skin colour or religion…

Moreover, about the sex-related issue, why “Women in Games”? We are winning a more current and socially significant struggle with LGBT communities (leaving aside Mr Trump very narrow mind), so I can understand groups like LGBT In Tech because that cause is current, essential and about to be won for good.

I hope not to see any longer those anachronistic and sectarian groups keeping alive old issues that are no longer there, wasting our time and empowering a small minority of idiots. Let’s focus on real social problems, like LGBT rights, Women rights in third-world countries, freedom of information, child-soldiers and the like. Let’s fight the good fight!